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(Excerpted from MY JOURNEY TO NOW)


Presence Training has as its intention the development of a new relationship to our thought process, one in which the individual learns to objectify their mind and experience it as a powerful, reality creating tool. By withdrawing identity from cognitive process, focusing attention fully into the moment, and practicing the art of surrender to what is, the mind is taught a new, more functional role, that of service to Consciousness.
Consciousness teachers of all eras understand the incorrect operation of the mind to be the primary obstacle to elevating awareness, and have devised techniques to assist initiates in withdrawing from their identification with ‘The Thinker’. All self-awareness exercises have the same objective, to create inner stillness, freeing Consciousness from its addiction to thought, and allowing aware connection to a deeper reality. Where that connection is made, is Here. When it is made, is Now.
In a moment of connection, or Presence, psychological symptoms diminish, or may even vanish. The individual relaxes into a state of well being, using their concentration to focus their entire attention into the present moment. From this vantage point problems cease to exist. They require a past and a future. When time disappears, so do “problems”. Situations are discussed from a next-step perspective, while acknowledging life’s uncertainty.

This shift in perspective is simple, profound, and confrontational. It is accomplished by moving attention out of the mind into the body using the senses. When the mind is empty of attention, it becomes quiet, fears and regrets vanish, and the voice of “The Thinker” is stilled. This leaves pure Consciousness, unimpeded by the mind’s programming, opening the individual to their inner guidance and connection to a deeper, richer, way of life.
This is what spontaneously happens the moment an individual learns to consistently quiet the mind, no matter what their belief system or knowledge base. Making this connection on a regular basis and following its direction, resolves inner conflicts, leaving a healthy interaction with the life process. The “doing” of life is then driven by the individual’s deeper intentions, and decisions are made by Consciousness, not by mind (programming). Wide varieties of psychological symptoms diminish or vanish in the face of this process, setting the person free to be their authentic selves.

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