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Sheridan Bailey, President, IRONCO ENTERPRISES:
“We see presence training as a way to solve an age-old organizational problem: how to efficiently/gracefully align human capital with vision and purpose. Historically, such connections were established by charismatic leaders who continuously model and articulate organizational dynamics to the followers, i.e., the leader’s inspiration supersedes member initiative. With PRESENCE TRAINING we see THE POTENTIAL FOR accessing individual inspiration/initiative thus ENGENDERING THE HIGHEST

Sheridan Bailey


June 25, 2015
Thank you for sending me the link to your recent radio show appearance. It is always great to hear your perspective. It is funny to me that your wisdom and teachings always seem to find their way back to me when I need them. I am grateful for that.

I’ve wanted to reach out to you for a few weeks now and it seems that now is the appropriate time for that. I wanted to let you know that I continue to practice present moment focus and meditation. I am a firm believer that what you teach regarding present moment focus is the true path to healing from terrible ailments such as depression and other destructive behavior. Every day is an adventure and a journey into the present moment. My 21month old son is my greatest teacher of present moment focus.

I also wanted to share with you some really exciting news. You and I have discussed my passion for agriculture in our past meetings. Sustainable and regenerative agriculture systems in both the rural and urban settings are very important to me. I believe that I shared with you the not-for-profit business I have started, using Permaculture to develop food and economic security in our local communities while funding public education and generating patron dividends for members of the cooperative.

Well, I received a call from Bob Corker and Kay Baxter, founders of the Koanga Institute and Kotare Village, out of Northern Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. They have asked if I would be interested in helping them build the institute and have offered my wife, children, and I the opportunity to settle in the village. This is a new Eco village being developed to show others how these regenerative systems will create a life of abundance. Well, I thought of you immediately as you are the only person I know that has lived in an intentional community. Marisa and I have done a lot of work over the past year, working to mend our relationship and I will tell you that present moment focus has been a key to our learning how to communicate with one another. We have listened to our intuition with this opportunity and have decided to follow that intuition wherever it leads. Of course, all that know us intimately, our family members, believe us to be absolutely crazy. My natural reply to them is that it is that craziness that keeps me from going insane. Marisa and I have had a tremendous amount of spiritual awakening this past year and this opportunity feels like a natural progression to continuing this amazing journey of self-discovery. We have decided to pull Sophia out of public school and we will implement the ideas of “Unschooling” with her. The intent is to foster a child’s natural ability to learn through their curiosity.

Anyways, I know you are busy and your time is valuable. I hope all is well with you. I have been excited for some time now to share with you the adventure Marisa, the kids, and I are embarking on. If you would like to follow our journey, we have committed to documenting our thoughts and experiences individually to share with those who may be interested. We have started a family blog and we will each contribute our thoughts on this experience and adventure. Given that my family is practicing what you teach as a result of our time together and the things you have taught me I was also thinking that we could set up a spot on the blog for you to market your practice and book if you would be interested.


All my best,

Kevin J. Fort

Kevin J. Fort


James is a master teacher who has the capacity to reveal the profound in the mundane. He uses his deep intuitive connection to clearly and concretely connect to his audience in their language and logic. He is articulate and funny and has presented at conferences, churches and corporate boardrooms over the past 29 years.

His message is precise and simple:
Learn to master the tool we call mind.
Become aware of mind’s limitations.
Develop the ability to laser focus attention solely into the Present Moment.
Connect to and operate from Inner Guidance (aka: intuition or gut instinct).
Accept The Moment entirely on its own terms (The art of Surrender).

SPEAKING: Keynotes and Workshops