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James has used Presence Practice to help business organizations to develop their human capital. When you consider that the average person is multi-tasking a significant portion of their attention away from the Present Moment, you might wonder how that impacts your business. Imagine teaching your employees how to unlock their hidden potential, making both their business and private life more harmonious and productive.

Developing a greater degree of Presence will:

Reduce Stress:

Stress is the distance between the way things are and the way we want them to be. When employees learn to accept The Moment as it is their stress level goes down.

Uncover Under Utilized Resources:

Practicing Presence has the capacity to bring forth a person’s inner Einstein.

Strengthen Employee Engagement:

Group Presence Practice bonds people reducing competition and increasing cooperation, making employees part of a team.

Improve Communication:

If an individual’s attention is fully focused Here/Now, their mind quiets down. They leave behind what else is going on in their life (their family, their worries and fears, their short comings, competitive thoughts), and become able to listen actively and accurately, creating a more cooperative environment.

Increase Creativity:

Creativity is not about thinking, but is more about listening to what some call gut instinct, others call intuition, James calls it inner guidance. Einstein was once asked how he “figured out” the theory of relativity. He was quick to respond that he did not figure it out it came to him. He was listening. All new ideas come to us in this fashion. The mind is incapable of producing an original thought. New ideas come through inner guidance.

Enhance Quality and Productivity:

When an employee practices Presence their attention intensifies, helping them to refine whatever their task is and to perform it quicker and effectively.