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James PR 2014James has spent the majority of his life seeking, practicing and teaching methods to actualize human potential. His experiences include: corporate insurance executive; a five year residency in the retreat of a school for higher consciousness where he was purchasing director; ten years leading groups in consciousness development; twenty nine years developing and practicing an approach to mental health treatment using self-awareness tools and techniques.

James has been a seeker most of his life. It began with an intuitive feeling that started at age 4 in which he felt he would participate in some significant change in human history. This deep thought has motivated his life-long search for meaning and purpose. In college he majored in psychology and philosophy but found no answers, only more questions. He read voraciously, finding stories about the activation of human potential which, while fascinating, gave no method or practical technique to enable him to activate his own potential. He immersed himself in the counter-culture of the 1970’s seeking answers through chemically altered states of consciousness and free, uninhibited living. These experiences offered but a brief window into another reality, but ultimately led to nothing. Returning him to GO on the Monopoly Board of LIFE.

Then, in 1977, at the age of 34, he found a book about the life of an early 20th Century mid-Asian mystic named George Gurdjieff and his teaching called The Fourth Way. In the midst of passionately reading this fascinating book synchronicity strikes. He finds a school based upon this teaching in the personals section of the want ads. He joins this school, and within eighteen months completely dismantles his life, leaving behind his home in Philadelphia, his business career, his marriage and friends, and migrates to a tiny community hidden in the foothills of the Sierra’s in Northern California, where he lives and works on his inner development for the next five years.

In 1984 James meets his current wife, also a student in the school. They decide to graduate themselves from the school at the end of 1985 and migrate to Phoenix, Arizona where leaders in the local New Age community ask them to lead a Fourth Way group.

They lead the group for ten years. Members of the group begin requesting private sessions with James for psychological issues. He develops powerfully effective treatment tools from the teaching, successfully treating depression, anxiety, panic attacks, substance abuse, post traumatic stress, and even an unusual case of multiple personality. This evolves into his acquisition of a Masters Degree in Counseling and his establishing himself as a Licensed Professional Counselor where he continues to use and refine his approach called Presence Therapy.