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It began Friday, January 20, 2017. Masses of complacent Americans were jarred out of their complacency (46% of registered voters failed to vote) by the election of the unthinkable. Now everything that complacency took for granted is at risk, and the rising outrage is awakening our ancestral DNA with its intolerance for anything less than democratic freedom. We are a nation of immigrants who came here seeking freedom from oppression.

For the past forty years I have practiced a philosophy of living that sees life as an ever-evolving process, both individually and collectively. This means that all of life’s trials and tribulations are the challenges we face in order to personally and collectively evolve, to Self-Actualize. From this perspective all of life’s difficulties, trials and tragedies are steps along the way to a positive outcome. Making this shift in perception frees one from the automatic emotions that come with trauma and tragedy, like depression and hopelessness. Replacing them with faith and hope, faith in the intrinsic order of the Universe and hope as a relentless drive to persist, even during the darkest of times. One of our prominent senators made this shift when he said: “Danger equals opportunity.”

The outcome of this election, with its resulting chaos, is exactly what is needed to unify our deeply divided nation. We are rapidly being subjected to a hostile take over. The new administration is alienating allies, rattling his saber against our closet neighbor and befriending our enemies. They are attempting to become law unto themselves. All established rules of procedure are being cast aside, causing confusion and crisis in the first two weeks, which is gaining momentum. Everyday some new group is attacked or disrespected. Large demonstrations are occurring globally every week. The first, on the day after inauguration, out attended the official party the day before.

As difficult as it may be to accept, a deeper truth is emerging, that the election of the unthinkable was absolutely necessary in order to unify the consciousness of the American people, to awaken the sleeping giant. These events are a call to empowered action, to overcome fear with defiance, to replace stagnation with action, to let go hatred and embrace gratitude for the opportunity to actively participate in the greatest event in human history, the awakening of humanity.