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One of the first questions I ask all my new clients as a therapist is: “What percentage, zero to one hundred, what percentage of your attention is in this moment?” The answer I frequently receive is less than 100%. Sometimes significantly less. Recently I was given an answer of 20%, and that’s in the context of an intensive first interview. When I questioned their response they confirmed they had a lot on their mind.

Have you ever driven down the freeway lost in thought to such a degree that you don’t recognize where you are, or miss your exit, or cannot remember how you got to where you’re going? Who’s driving the car? One might say defensively, “I was driving!”, but obviously the majority of their attention was devoted to thinking. (See my August 12, 2015 post entitled Fragment of Consciousness.) Fragmentation of Consciousness (lost in thoughtis the human condition. Under these circumstances we are nothing more than programmed mechanisms, robots, androids.

It is difficult to see oneself this way, but nothing can change, whether the change sought is psychological or spiritual, until the fragmentation of consciousness is addressed. It is a brutal truth that, unless we’ve done serious inner work, we’re a mass of internal contradictions. So, before anything else can happen, before one can initiate any changes, one needs to work on the UNIFICATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS. 

Begin by resolving to make Present/Moment Awareness the most important thing in your life. Ask yourself the question: What percentage of my attention is In The Moment?” Your mind will give you a number. If the number is anything less than 100%, work to raise that number. Begin to Observe your mind to keep it HERE/NOW focused. Learn to internally Listen and follow the instruction of your gut instinct (aka intuition). I call it Inner Guidance. Keep letting go of the past. Give it no mind. Release Expectation by expecting the unexpected (which includes the miraculous). Remember your intrinsic Spiritual nature, and Surrender to the MOMENT as it unfolds before you.

Making these efforts contain the potential of Unifying Your Consciousness, reducing or eliminating internal conflicts (Inner Peace) and clearly shows you what needs to be done