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The seeker of wisdom is in search of Self, a quality of Being where we directly experience our Spirituality, our Divinity. It is a perilous seeming, non-linear journey into the unknown, in search of a human expression of who we truly are. Non-linear means that it is a state of Being that is constantly available to any one of us at any time, under any conditions. So it’s not really a “journey” at all, but more like a shift in perception or awareness.

It is perilous in the sense that we’re not sure that our Divinity exists, so we’re taking a risk, and what is it we’re risking? Making something important that may be merely a myth, a figment of our self-delusion? On the other hand, if this is all the so-called illusion, then we’re not really risking anything that has any true substance, right?? It’s not real anyway, is it?

It’s unsettling, this internal tennis match of thoughts and feelings. This war between inspiration and cynicism, faith and doubt. We keep asking what The Truth is, as if there were some absolute answer. Our Consciousness rises on waves of inspiration and faith, only to slide down the other side into cynicism and doubt, rising and falling endlessly.

Maybe it’s all true. Maybe, our experience of this is more about the fluctuations of our consciousness, our personal reality, than it is about anything “objective”. That’s even more unsettling. Can this mean that my experience of reality is entirely dependent upon the vacillations of my inner dynamics? More and more evidence, both anecdotal and scientific, is pouring in that leads to the this conclusion, that we are the inventors of our own experience. So what are these dynamics?

Some say it is our conceptual map of things, our beliefs, both conscious and unconscious, that shape the way we think and therefore perceive. Whatever is real is what we decide is so, on a moment to moment basis. If we believe one way, that is what we experience, if another, a different perception emerges.

Others contend that is has more to do with vibratory energy, at all levels. So when our energy is low, our emotions are negative, and the vibratory energy of our body is on the decline, we’re incapable, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, of attracting the vibration of inspiration (in-spirit-ation). Yet another approach claims that it’s all about awareness, our connection to the sensory experiences of our in-the-moment progress through time. How much are we in connection with, and feel a part of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual environment? Do we even know where we are most of the time? Closer examination reveals that these theories complement each other. We probably need to attend to all of these dynamics if we are to have a substantial result.

If we describe our Consciousness as directed thought, or intention, we  may notice that it decides how we will focus the energy of our attention. This energy then interacts with our personal dynamics of belief system, vibratory arousal and awareness out of which personal reality emerges. This, then, feeds back information and energy to our belief system, state of arousal and awareness in an ongoing perpetual feedback loop.

The place to start, then, would seem to be with our intention. If our intention is to experience our Divinity, it will bring the focus of our attention to our inner dynamics and we will become aware of what it is we personally need to DO to manifest our intention. This will come about as the consequence of inner self-observation. That is why the ancients advised us to: Know Thyself, to know one’s Self as a Creator.