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A healthy mind is fully present, is not manifesting thought patterns outside the moment (worry, fear, resentment, wanting the-moment to be different, wanting to be somewhere else). These disconnected thought patterns create mental health issues like depression, anxiety and panic attacks. When you fully realize the preciousness of the moment, when you cease taking it for granted, when you really get what a valuable gift life is no matter what your life situation, you make Presence your first priority. All the other ‘concerns’ of daily mundane existence are handled. LaoTzu, who founded Taoism twenty-five hundred years ago, called this a state of non-action, where less and less is done, yet nothing is left undone.

We live in a society that focuses on worry, fear, and non-acceptance of the contents of Now. The global political situation reflects this state of group mind. Humanity is in spiritual crisis. Everywhere we turn television, newspapers, political issues, all are infected with the mental disease of fear, worry, concern, analysis of what may happen, predictions of future calamities, and victim thinking. The instant one focuses attention in this direction the Precious Present is lost, solidifying the ego’s illusion of separation from all that is. Our brother becomes the enemy against which we must defend our-selves (ego).

Being consistently and completely Here/Now experientially opens you to your connectedness to everything and everyone. Wholeness, oneness (at-one-ment) ceases being a philosophical theory and becomes a practical personal reality. Make Presence your first value and all life concerns fall into place behind it. The drama of life is then perceived as material for spiritual development, and you find gratitude for the opportunity it provides.