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Somewhere along the path of inner development we eventually, of necessity, encounter the concept of Surrender and are compelled to confront its personal meaning. We all have an imaginary picture of what we want from Life, whether it is becoming a movie star or becoming Self-Aware. It’s all the same. We dream of what we will “become”, what we will be in some imagined future.

The problem with most of these dreams is that they hardly ever turn out the way we imagined. We forget that we’re actors on the world stage in a play with an unknown ending. Yet we spend time and energy worrying about how the story ends.

As we advance in age we begin to arrive at some of the endings we imagined earlier in Life. Here we encounter a difficulty that can be the cause of much unnecessary anguish. The outcomes we dreamt of do not occur as we expected, or, if they do, they contain unforeseen elements. So we suffer, we deny. We become angry, sad, depressed, confused, disheartened, dis-illusioned (the illusion being “knowing” how the play will resolve itself).

All this suffering is a choice we make, albeit unconsciously, nonetheless, we choose. When we choose to suffer we have given our power away to events, people and outcomes over which we have no control. In our society psychological analysis has become popular, we may look to our up bringing, family influences and cultural surroundings for the source of our pain. We look for someone or something to blame, people, places and things outside of ourselves, and we continue to resist the truth of our lives, choosing instead to indulge in various types of negative emotion and destructive behavior. All these things and more comprise the path of least resistance. The fatal moment to moment compromises, the lies that veil the truth, the pretense that everything is fine, all combine to enfold us in a prison of our own making. Life becomes flat, dull and meaningless.

The act of Surrender requires us to look upon the realities of our life unadorned, working to see it as it is, not as it “should” be, nor as we would like it to be. To surrender also means that we let go of the illusions we have concerning our ability to control events and people, and to become aware that the only potential control we have can be over how we internally relate to external reality.

When we begin to have mastery over our inner process, its meaning and purpose will emerge. This is the shift in attitude connected to the Surrender process. In effect, we become more intelligent in our understanding of our life circumstances and how they relate to our inner growth. Everything we experience, no matter how painful or traumatic, adds to us, building wisdom, strength and being.

Remember, everything is connected. This means that all the people, circumstances and events of your life serve to facilitate spiritual development. It remains, then, for us to study our lives with the awareness that it contains all the answers we seek. My individual life and yours contain the only real meaning possible. Without working to access this meaning through Inner Self-Observation, the true substance of our lives as individuals will remain an unsolved mystery. The first step is Surrender, acceptance of things precisely as they are, total acceptance of the Moment. This is the essential act required if we wish to attain anything of substance.