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Presence Practice is chiefly concerned with disciplining the mind to focus energy and attention into the Present Moment. In an undisciplined state, the mind frequently tries to perform operations it is incapable of doing, things like “figuring something out”, predicting the future or analyzing a situation. We may have questions and want answers, and we expect our mind to produce a solution to what ever problem we are confronting.

We think, and think, and think, continuing to do the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. If you recognize a common definition of crazy in this formulation, know that crazy is exactly what we become when we attempt to use our mind this way. It plainly does not work. Most people I ask agree, they do not “figure things out”, although they say sometimes they do, but not often.

The constant churning of the mind in thought drains us of vital energy. Obsessive thinking in search of a solution drains us of this vital resource. Ever think about something to the  point of exhaustion, then fall asleep and awake with an answer? Most I ask this of agree to the truth of it. They fall asleep thinking and wake up with an answer. Then their mind takes credit. “I finally figured it out!”

Consider that what really happened is that you stopped thinking when you fell asleep, opening a space for the answer to be given. How that actually happens is a mystery. The process is commonly called intuition, or gut instinct. I say it is Inner Guidance. Whatever you call it, it is clearly not a product of thinking, but more an inner knowing, perhaps even, our direct personal connection to whatever you define as a Higher Power.

Everyone I ask about this acknowledges there is something within them that knows what is best for them that they have occasion to ignore to their detriment.  Whatever you believe about what this is or where it comes from, it seems clear that listening to the promptings of our Inner Guidance is a wise thing to do.

When we work to focus our entire attention into the one time and place Life is actually happening, Here/Now, to the point where our mind becomes Still, then listen to and follow this Inner Guidance, then Life cannot help but become all it is meant to Be.