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If you are a reader of this blog, it is likely you have had occasion to ask: “Who am I? Why am I alive?” Many of us have spent lifetimes attempting to answer this question. My first attempts centered around my vocation, my job, my career. In the beginning, I did not like my occupation, I had a negative identification toward it. I rebelliously decreed “I am not my job”, thinking that if I had a job more in tune with my interests, I would be more content, happier.

When I took action on this notion and began earning money practicing my creativity, I became annoyed with the demands the public made on my creative skills and developed another negative identification. This left my question about my true identity unanswered.

I even tried not working for a few years. I discovered that the Universe would support me if I remained fearless and focused, but I still had no clue about my true identity.

Then I began reading about consciousness, and shortly thereafter entered a school for the development of higher consciousness, where I discovered I was looking in the wrong place to find my true identity, my Self. There I learned that if I made a list of all the ways I could complete the sentence: “I am ___” about myself, you  know, I am a driver, I am a man, I am a business person, I am a photographer, …etc, that none of those nouns were who I was, they were simply roles I was playing.

I further learned and experienced that, if I enacted those roles with conscious awareness and non-identification, I was able to play them all more effectively. What was I doing differently? I was Remembering My Self, living in the awareness of being a unit of consciousness traveling in a body, an Eternal Being taking human form for a period of time called Life.

I AM not my name, nor my behavior, but an actor on the stage of life. When I live my role consciously I Remember MySelf, when I live my role unconsciously, I forget my Self. When I forget my Self I suffer unnecessarily and get lost in the details. When I Remember MySelf I connect to my life’s meaning and purpose.