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For too long we have sought to “figure things out”. We assume the most important thing to consider is our thoughts on the matter. We obsessively “think” about the problems we encounter, seeking answers, solutions, new directions. The process is one in which we continuously cycle information through our mind, believing something will arise in our awareness, experiencing frustration when this strategy fails to produce results.

Ever think about some difficult issue to the point of exhaustion, fall asleep and awaken with an answer? Most people to whom I address this question agree they’ve had this experience. They admit to wasting their time and energy this way. Then, when they awaken, their mind takes credit for solving the problem. Did the answer really come from their mind, and, if so, why did it take so long?

We have all had this experience. We all have also experienced having a gut feeling, an instinct about the answers we seek, but have we listened. I spoke to a client today who was upset about the challenges she encountered while driving to see me. Later in the conversation she recalled an inner voice saying to her, just as she was leaving, that the drive would be difficult. Her mind immediately questioned the feeling, trying to “figure out” why she should have such a feeling, then proceeding as if she had not had the feeling.

We all have this capacity, an inner, irrational, knowing that our minds do not trust. Every person I interview admits to having these experiences. I have stood before audiences and asked them the same questions. Do you have gut feelings, called by some intuition? Do you at times ignore them, and what is the consequence of not listening? The entire room answers the same. Yes I have them. Yes I don’t listen. Yes, it’s always reqretable that I failed to follow the feeling.

We all contain an inner knowing of what is right and best for us and fail to listen. Our thinking mind talks over the feeling, demanding it rationalize itself. What is the source of that awareness?

The wisest among us agree it is our direct personal communication with our Higher Power, however you wish to name it. I have found through my own experience, and have had it confirmed by everyone I ask, that it is in our own best interests to listen and follow this Inner Guidance, even though those around us may not agree. I have come to the conclusion that it is the wisest course to only seek and follow the advice that comes from this source, and give up seeking direction from any other source.