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The road to Awakening is life long. It is not an enterprise casually undertaken , but requires serious intent. When counseling a new client on Presence Practice, I recommend the making of a serious commitment to living fully in-the-NOW. Jesus exhorted: “Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of Heaven, and all else will be added unto you.” I believe he refers here to full attention in-the-moment as the “Kingdom of Heaven.” This says that, if we give our full attention to NOW, all the other concerns of life will resolve themselves, absolving us of our worries, liberating us from anxiety, and freeing us to Live Passionately Now.

In the beginning, making such a commitment seems daring, bold, even romantic. This intense emotional punch is the energy required to lift the rocket ship off the launch pad. Once the launch engine is exhausted, however, continuing effort is required to keep the vehicle on its intended path. Remember, this is at least a life long process. This means that each moment you encounter for the rest of your life is an opportunity to acquire Presence, to add to the Pearls of Presence you have accumulated, bringing you  one step closer to the goal of Transcendence.

Spiritual warriors are long distance runners. They pace themselves to endure the great journey. They see every failure as a learning experience. They persist against all odds. They find the energy to make just one more effort, to take one more step, knowing all they have is NOW, releasing all thoughts of the past or the future, fully realizing there is nothing, NOTHING, but the Moment.

They live without fear, for when one’s entire attention is focused on the challenges of the moment, fear ceases to exist. Fear is recognized for what it is, a phantom of the mind. The mind which can be relied upon to continue offering challenge to Presence Practice. We call ourselves warriors because we are constantly engaged in an inner struggle between the forces of darkness and the Light of Self-Awareness. Walt Whitman referred to this when he wrote:

“And how the same inexorable price must still be paid for the same great purchase.”