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We live in the illusion that we are isolated beings trapped in the fleshy cage of Life, an illusion that generally exists outside our awareness. We believe the cage to be all there is. The human tragedy is lost in thought. Examine your own process. Do you multitask your attention away from the moment? What percentage of your attention is actually devoted to what is happening in front of you at any given time?

Do you worry? Are you constantly trying to figure things out? Do you replay past decisions and events, reliving the emotions they originally generated, or creating fantasies over how it could have been different? Are you “predicting the future” on the basis of what you know from the past, then making decisions on the basis of that knowledge? If any of this is true for you, how’s it working for you? Is this an effective strategy for living?

We make major life decisions on the basis of our thought process. The flaw in this is that most minds operate on fear, a negative orientation toward the future. How many of your thoughts begin with the phrase: “I’m afraid that…” and how does that statement impact your life choices? Do you choose in order to avoid what you fear? Did you marry someone to get out of your parents house? Did you agree to do something with your friends out of fear of displeasing them? Do you say yes outside, when inside you’re saying no? What else do you lie about? Do  you even know what you really feel about things, or are you just trying to figure out the “right” answer in order to avoid making waves?

Notice the legitimacy we give our intellectual process, like it has some grasp on The Truth. I capitalize these words because we delude ourselves into believing that our minds have access to universal truth. This is the arrogance of our mind based sense of self, the Ego (an acronym for Edging God Out).

There’s a different way to conduct your life. It begins with the realization that the strategies mentioned above did not produce the results you desired. The mind does not predict the future, we don’t figure things out, and the things we fear may never come to pass. This realization can lead us to placing less value on thinking as described above, opening the door to connecting to a greater reality through listening, inner listening. We have a quality of being within that stands ready to guide us through Life and knows the way. Are you connecting to and interacting with that resource, or talking over it with thought? The decision is always the same, To Be, or Not To Be, IS the question.