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We live in a world obsessed with Doing. The mind screams “What do I DO??!!” when confronted with a problem or challenge. It barges ahead in search of an action solution, wanting to fix the situation, trying to force favorable change, driven by anxiety. The concept of placing Being before Doing is unheard of, over looked. We believe we are capable of “controlling” the external world through coercion and manipulation.

What is Being? What am I missing when I rush ahead seeking what I need to DO? What is the emotional driver behind my  behavior? It is fear! How often do we begin sentences with “I’m afraid that…”, then rush ahead impulsively making destructive decisions?

Shakespeare famously wrote: “To Be, or Not To Be, that is the question.” What is he referring to?

We make Doing more important and may not even be aware of Being, a state of awareness in which one’s entire attention is focused into the Now Moment. We seek answers with our mind, an organ incapable of original thought. Einstein, when asked how he “figured out” the Theory of Relativity, answered he didn’t figure it out, it came to him. He was listening to his Inner Guidance, a facility we all possess but often ignore.

Called intuition by some, gut instinct by others, it is a natural knowing without logic or reason. I have spoken to thousands of people about this, they all acknowledge they have experienced this, did not listen, and regretted the outcome of not listening. It is not trusted because it is irrational and illogical. It does not persuade or explain itself, it simply issues dictums, it tells us what we need to do of not do without justification or persuasion.

Listening to it and acting according to its instruction is an act of trust, courage and faith. Trust that its guidance is accurate. Courage to act beyond reason and logic, and Faith in  the the existence of a benevolent intelligence, beyond the thinking mind, that is always there for us.

Working on Being enables us to quiet the cacophony of unfocused thought. This is accomplished by directing our senses entirely into the Now Moment. Done with sufficient intensity, Inner Stillness is attained, opening a space for connection to Inner Guidance. Following its prompts strengthens that connection so that eventually it becomes the only resource you consult in a decision making process. It alone knows what is best for you.