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“The times they are a changing.” Sixties song writer/poet Bob Dylan said that, and it’s true now more than ever. As we ramp up to December 21, 2012, the energetic structures within which we live are intensifying, literally heating up. There are all kinds of theories about what is happening, including the doom and gloom fears that the world will be destroyed. The positive theory, one that is held by those who are live outside fear, is that the entire planet is transitioning into a higher state of Consciousness and we’re here for the ride. The question is how do we make it practical or real. How can we truly experience in our own lives what is happening? 

This is where inner self-observation becomes essential. I have written before about the need to separate Consciousness from cognition (thought process). This takes creating a Witness Self that constantly monitors thought. If you are practicing some form of this, you cannot help notice, for instance, what happens when you give energy to negative, fear based thinking. Even the slightest irritation can be blown so out of proportion as to appear objectively ridiculous. Yet, when you are in it, it owns you, has taken you over. 

On the positive side, what happens when you deeply enter meditation, or admire the beauty of a humming bird drinking from the feeder outside your window? How do you feel when you completely let go of yesterday and tomorrow and fully engage the Moment? 

The world is in chaos and turmoil. Revolution is globally rampant. The forces of fear and intimidation are losing their grip and are struggling desperately retain their hegemony, but their time is coming to an end. They are still trying to work their fear based agenda, but it is failing. 

Remember, fear is about the future. We worry that negative things will happen at some time after Now. When we allow our minds to go there we forget that there is only Now. When tomorrow gets here, it is today.

Today is our opportunity to shape what we call the future, but to do that, it is essential to show up Now! If we continue to live in the past and look to the future, neither of which physically exist (only in our minds do they exist), we will continue to miss the opportunity the Now presents. 


Discipline your mind to stay fully focused on NOW! Watch it vigilantly to keep it from straying. Notice what happens to you emotionally when it does.