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Ever find yourself driving down the freeway at high speed lost in thought, thinking about: the meeting you just had; wondering what’s for dinner; trying to figure out why your co-workers took the actions they took; replaying some  painful memory from the past; worried about tomorrow?  After a while you raise your head and look around to discover you do not recognize your surroundings. It occurs to you your exit passed you ten miles ago. Then you wonder, who was driving the car? A terrifying thought perhaps. This is a clear cut example of what many of us are doing most of the time, allowing our life to pass us by while we are lost in thought. Is that living?

We find value in “multitasking”. Thinkers brag about their ability to perform multiple tasks. We are upset about the mistakes and follies of yesterday, worried about the uncertainties of tomorrow (what if this, what if that) and see today as something to get through. It is like the White Rabbit character in Alice in Wonderland who is dressed fancy, carries a big pocket watch, and is always rushing into the future, saying he has no time to talk now but will speak with you at some future event. When you see him there he does the same thing. He is never where he is, so how can he be anywhere at all? Is this not a metaphor for how many of us live our lives, lost in thought, rushing to no where?

Take a look at the contents of your cognition. How much of it is actually constructive and useful? And, how much of it is wasted energy, dangerous and debilitating. Eckhart Tolle, 21St Century Spiritual master, author of The Power of Now, claims over 90% of human thought is useless. Check it out for yourself. Start watching your thought stream as an objective Observer. Form a Witness Self that monitors thought, studies it’s content.

It is time we reclaimed our Inner World. Usurp the strangle hold the mind has on us by simply engaging the Moment, completely, as the one true reality. Fire your mind as CEO of your inner domain, rehire it as a consultant, and give the job to your intuition, the aspect of you that always knows what is best for you, is your direct connection to All That Is. Take your attention off the thinking mind. BE, where you are, Love What Is. It is as simple as that. It is not even that difficult, once you realize IT IS THE ONLY THING OF IMPORTANCE.