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Hello to my blogsphere friends. Please forgive me my 17 month absence from this venue, I have been spending my writing time creating a memoir of the eight years I spent in a school for consciousness, entitled Journey to Now. The finished manuscript was sent to my editor minutes ago and I am celebrating by reinitiating my blog with an exert from that work which addresses the necessity of accepting What Is as a requisite for Presence. 

Resisting or rejecting the Now, or previous Nows, or some aspect of your life path, will predictably produce negative emotions, misery. The ego, the mind’s false self, will form identities around this resistance, tormenting your very soul. This is how victim thinking arises. The ego blames other people or circumstances for its current life situation, rather than taking responsibility. It fails to find value in the life path it is living and wants some other life path. Giving our power away to the lives of celebrities, watching them, idolizing them, invading their privacy with cameras (a multi-million dollar business), is a distraction from and a rejection of our personal drama, wishing it to be different.

We are not victims but creators. We have created our personal drama by how we have chosen to focus attention and pattern thought. We have at least potential power over the subject of our attention. This is taking responsibility (the ability to respond). It is a learnable skill. With responsibility comes the ability to create our life drama consciously (we have been creating it all along unconsciously).

We cannot create consciously however, when our Consciousness is fragmented with denial of the moment, or is in resistance to what is and blaming others. Giving up the blame game requires complete acceptance, complete responsibility, even though we cannot logic it out, or see exactly how we did it. Is it true or false that your life Now is the consequence of every decision you ever made?

Complete acceptance of the facts of the moment is required to attain full Presence. If there is not acceptance, there is resistance, thought patterns that reject some element of the Now, wanting What Is to be different, including your history of previous Nows.