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One of the challenges to maintaining Presence is our identification with our unconscious, dark, behaviors of yesterday. Yesterday being our entire life before Now.

When some association triggers a thought pattern from the past, and we dwell on it, we relive the experience in our mind and body. The body reacts  physically to thought. Reliving our unconsciousness, flings us back into that darkness, activating negative brain chemistry, robbing us of Life’s preciousness. It is one the most destructive things our mind does and is the source of all kinds of addictive, self-destructive behaviors.

Triggers are inevitable, as are the consequent self-destructive behaviors, unless we make peace with our history. We do that by acknowledging its part in our developmental process, that our journeys into darkness play a necessary role in the awakening of consciousness. Everybody makes some kind of foray into their shadow side. What a person does with this material afterward, how they choose to perceive it, whether they release it or they form an attachment to it, decides whether they self-evolve or self-destruct.

Forgiveness is the key, the deciding factor. It is one of the principal factors of Christ’s teaching, his message from the cross. “Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.” Jesus forgave his executioners, and the people who condemned him. He demonstrated to us what is needed for Ascension. He forgave them to set himself free. This is exactly what we need to do to liberate ourselves from our destructive thought patterns.

Forgiveness opens the door to Now!