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The following was written by my dear friend Sheridan Bailey. I came across it today in my records and felt compelled to share it. Some of you know Sheridan. He wrote these words for his company newsletter on Presence.

“How do I know where the verbal messages inside my head come from?  When is it my thinking mind and when is it conscious awareness?  When is it ego driven and when is it Intuition?

For me there are different types of thinking and different types of consciousness. For instance, there is an observer consciousness that watches my thinking and then there is the thinking about what consciousness has observed.  There are all kinds of thinking:  “given that 1 + 1 = 2  and 4 quarters = $1, then one dollar bill and four quarters = $2 dollars”.  Another example is a different form of “calculation” :  “If I take my kids to the ice cream parlor and refuse to buy them any ice cream, they will probably be upset and cause trouble.”

But what is ego?    That’s the thinking Me that likes to be in charge. That is the little Me that needs to be promoted, satisfied or defended. Lot’s of ways to do those things – many of them self-destuctive or harmful to others.

The list of types of thinking goes on longer than I have time to write. The question of who’s doing the thinking seems even more complicated.  Thinking about thinking is exhausting.

On the other hand, maybe Intuition is simple.  When Intuition comes to me, it doesn’t have a lot of strings attached to it. It is the opposite of complexity. No emotion, just illumination.  No projection, no calculation, no reasoning – all of that, if it occurs, follows after intuition.

Intuition comes from somewhere else;  the thinking part is the part that needs to be managed.  Left to itself unmanaged, my ego will produce a trail of troubles leading ultimately to isolation.

If intuition is followed by clear thinking uncorrupted by the self-serving distortions of ego, then I find my way to better outcomes.

SHERIDAN L. BAILEY   August 18,2008–