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When I forget everything else and become lost in life’s myriad distractions, I return to self-awareness through detaching my Consciousness from thought, and become aware, once more, of what is important. The outer world of illusion can be compelling, especially when it’s in crisis. I become lost in thought trying to “figure out” how to solve or improve my situation, not appreciating it for what it is. I identify with the voice of my mind, taking it to be real, taking it to be who I AM, when actually, the I AM that I AM is the awareness, the attention, that stands behind thought. No matter who we are, or how far we think we’ve come in our efforts To Be, it still can all be lost or forgotten.

The good news is that once you have begun the inner work of Presence, you can never again sleep the sleep of unawareness comfortably. You have created an internal entity, a Witness, who will nag you into returning to a state of watchfulness. The ego may take the stage for a time, but this false personality cannot maintain credibility and eventually will reveal itself to The Witness.

We must remain constantly vigilant. The world of illusion will immediately move into a vacant space the moment this vigilance is relaxed or forgotten, no matter how ‘advanced’ you are. Mind watching, witnessing your thought process, is an essential necessity if you are to maintain focus in-the-moment and be connected to your inner guidance. Remember, we live on planet fear. We are constantly bombarded with fear thoughts from the media and those around us. Behavior is feeling driven. Every act has an emotional motivator, whether it’s what shirt or dress you choose to wear, to the food you eat to how you spend your money and what relationships you make important.

There are two fundamental human emotions out of which all other feelings arise, fear and love. Our challenge is to move from debilitating destructive fear feelings that create the illusion of separation, to the inclusive, opening feelings generated by love and acceptance. This all begins at the level of thought. When we witness thought and not identify with it, thought subsides into Stillness and love automatically emerges. All we have to ‘do’ is watch.