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What is the mechanism for taking action? Thought!!

Thought stimulates emotion (energy in motion), emotion motivates action (behavior). This is a continuous process. Thought = feeling=behavior stimulates new thought=new feeling=new behavior, and on and on. We do not “choose” to think, it occurs automatically, involuntarily, compulsively, and thus our behavior is automatic, involuntary, compulsive.

Study this process in yourself. Create an inner Observer that witnesses and studies your thought process, and the consequent feeling/action mechanism. To do this successfully is to step outside the thought/feeling/behavior process. Be a scientist studying your inner process. A scientist is detached, objective, curious. He/she seeks to know, to discover, and out of this knowing, to develop choice, mastery.

The very process of observation changes what is observed. In Quantum Physics, this is called the Observer-Participant Phenomenon. Who is it that observes? The very fact that observation of thought is possible tells you that your thoughts are not you.

As you deepen and intensify the witnessing process, something new occurs. Thought begins to diminish. The inner cacophony begins to still and you discover spaces between thoughts, spaces of stillness. Pay more attention to these spaces than to the content of thought. What do you find? A conscious Presence, your deeper self. This is the beginning of the end of involuntary and compulsive thinking, the beginning of choice, mastery. Consciously choosing thought breaks the automatic pattern of thought/feeling/action, replacing it with conscious awareness. Now you are in charge and your mind is the servant to your Consciousness.