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The pattern I refer to is our habit of denial and resistance to What Is, the contents of the present-moment.

Consider how this type of inner response affects us. When we deny, we are pretending the facts of the moment either don’t exist, or we distort our perception of them to alleviate our discomfort or avoid challenge. This produces inner-conflict. One part of our Consciousness is aware of the truth of the situation while our fear-based ego is unwilling to confront the reality of it. We may have to confront the unintended consequences of some past  action, or our plans did not go the way we imagined. Perhaps some unconscious counter intention caused us to behave in a destructive manner.

The inevitable outcome of resistance is some form of negativity, producing feelings of anger, rage, disappointment, or frustration, preventing us from perceiving the benefits of what is actually happening, while causing disruptions in the energy flow of our relationships. Many carry the anger of resistance for years, creating disharmony in their relationships and causing medical imbalances that eventually produce tragic consequences.

Breaking these patterns requires awareness, the awareness that arises through Inner Self-Observation, mind watching. Presence cannot manifest when our mind is the internal dominant force. It is essential to replace thought with present-moment-awareness. Make it your practice to withdraw attention from past and future considerations whenever they are not needed. The more you do this, the more you realize just how little references to yesterday and tomorrow are necessary. Yes, we need to make plans. But also need to understand that plans are not future predictions. We NEVER know what is to come. EVER!!

Our best preparation for the unfolding of Life is the focus of all our attention into this Now moment. This requires making Presence our dominant intention, watching our mind to keep it disciplined, listening to our Inner Guidance (intuition, conscience, gut instinct), dying to the past every moment (be like an Alzheimer’s patient without the dementia), expecting the unexpected, remembering ourselves as Spiritual Beings traveling in human form and, above all, surrendering to What Is. Use these inner disciplines and your life will simplify, leaving behind the confusing complexity caused by the misdirection of attention away from the Now.