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Saying “YES!” to Life is an essential component to any Presence Practice, or to any practice at all that intends to connect with the Infinite. I recently studied, and have begun to incorporate into my consulting practice, the principles and practices of improv comedy training applied in a business setting. I owe this new direction to the book IMPROV written by friend and former student, John Cremer. Saying “YES!” onstage opens the door to the flow of creativity available to us in every moment. The same is true on the stage of Life.

The payment we make in order for this to happen, is the false belief that we have any clue at all as to what’s to happen next. That means the plans we make only serve to point us in a direction, but are in no means a predictor of what shows up. We face the unknown in each moment, something the ego (mind-based fear driven illusion of self) finds uncomfortable. It constructs defenses against this reality, cutting itself off from the natural flow of creativity. That’s why Australian Aboriginals, who call themselves The Real People, call us “civilized” folks mutants. The Zen master and the Ninja warrior both fearlessly face The Now, saying “YES” to every challenge Life offers up.

Saying “NO” denies What Is. Failing to Surrender, acknowledge and accept is the driver for every form of destructive negativity. When the improvisor on the stage of Life denies What Is, she cuts herself off from any kind of help, feeling alone and powerless. When the answer changes to “YES” all manner of assistance and support arise unexpectedly.

My challenge to anyone reading is this start saying “YES!”. This does not mean you buy everything the world is trying to sell, but rather you release your resistance to your Moment, staying in the flow and growth of your essential creativity.