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This may seem to be an absurd question, but it actually has merit if we use it to direct our attention toward certain indefinable qualities of existence, like space and silence.

I am sitting at a computer. It exists in my visual awareness as an object. My vision narrows down to the screen. Even if I am working to hold peripheral vision open, I am still object oriented. This is what my mind considers important. The thing is considered relevant, the no-thing, the space within which the thing exists, is not important to the mind. We forget it is there. We forget it is the space that allows the thing to exist. Try it! As you read, become aware of the space around your screen. Defocus your vision entirely, or focus on the space between you and the screen. It produces an altered state of awareness. Turn and look around the room. Notice how the wall makes a container for the space. Pay more attention to the space than to the objects.  What do you experience?

The same is true in the realm of sound. Listen to your environment. The mind automatically attends to the waves of vibration we call noise. These are the objects in the auditory environment. The space within which sound exists is silence. All noise arises from this field and sinks back into it. If you speak, there is a beginning, a middle and an end. None of this is true for silence, stillness. It has always been and always will be. It is a quality of The Now.

When we make awareness of space and stillness at least as important as things and sound, we fully engage with What Is.