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Each of us have come to life with gifts: proclivities, talents, burning desires which are meant to be expressed in this lifetime. It is the expression of these gifts that gives life meaning and purpose. Without this focus, life is reduced to the drudge of survival, doing what it takes to make it through the day, the week, through life.

One of the benefits of Presence Practice is the emergence of these gifts. If you resolve to: Be, here/now; Observe your mind as an object of study; Listen to your intuition/gut instinct/inner guidance; Expect the unexpected; Remember your Self, the awareness behind The Thinker; and Surrender to what is, completely accept the way things are in-the-moment; your gifts will naturally emerge.

The gift of Presence is your Self, the Truth of who you are and what you came to this life to ‘do’. When we practice the seven Principles of Mind Mastery listed above we leave behind the programming and beliefs we acquired through our life experience and connect to the meaning and purpose of our existence. This is a natural, spontaneous process and requiring no effort. Life just falls into place moment-to-moment.

Sounds easy. All it requires is Trust and Faith. Trust that the universe actually cares and Faith that there is indeed some larger something that is supportive and nurturing.

There is a payment though. The price of admission is our mind, giving up our addiction to thought. We must abandon the belief that the voice in our head that talks is us. Every memorable experience we’ve ever had is the consequence of Presence, by definition. Scan your memory of special events, including the negative. They all have this common thread. We all, for instance, have vivid memory of the moment we became aware of the events which occurred on the morning of September 11, 2001. It was a moment of global Presence. In these moments, ordinary mental processing is blown away by an intense event. For many people, this event was a watershed, nothing was ever the same again. Their lives took a new direction.

Practicing Presence from the inside, without relying on traumatic external events to stimulate change, opens an internal space which  allows our passion to emerge and flourish. We provide our own shocks under ordinary conditions and become masters of our destiny. It is the inevitable  consequence of making full focus of attention here/now our highest priority. Find your Self, your passion, your purpose in the Now!