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My mind is constantly choosing my reality through how it focuses my attention. Mystics say there is an infinity of parallel Earths that we are constantly accessing with our Consciousness. You may consider this a bit outrageous, but it is verifiable. Conduct a series of experiments using Self-Observation as feedback. Self-Observation is mind watching. As you go through your day, be aware of your mental focus, where you ‘choose’ to put your attention. I put choose in quotes because frequently our choices are not made consciously, but are the consequence of distraction and programming. We often run on autopilot. As you watch, notice how your choices affect your personal, perceptual, emotional reality. This is step one of the experiment, the baseline measure .

After a few days of watching you will begin to have an awareness of your mind’s choices and how they affect you emotionally. Thoughts produce emotions, emotions drive behavior. This is basic cognitive-behavioral psychology. We have potential choice over what we are feeling, but we must become aware of the process and how it works for us in order to consciously choose.

Once you have a body of observations, the second step is to begin making conscious decisions about what is worthy of your attention, and what will facilitate and maintain Presence. Most will have observations of thoughts that draw attention into the past, frequently to events that are negative or painful. Replaying past traumas re-traumatizes us, causing us to re-experience the original feeling produced by the event. This may occur as spontaneous flashbacks, requiring us to re-assert our intention to be present-moment focused. Or there may be observations of fearful projections into the future, causing anxiety or panic reactions. Try it! Focus on a painful past circumstance and note the emotional reaction. Perform the same exercise with a future orientation and note the feeling fallout.

As you grow in this work you will begin to verify the value of choosing a conscious reality in The Now. The emotional consequence of Here/Now focus is always positive and uplifting. The moment is a portal into a different reality. Tribes of Aborigines in Australia, who call themselves The Real People, speak about alive and non-alive time. They say people are non-living when angry, depressed,  or are experiencing fear. So, the question really is: are you alive or non-alive in this moment?