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Eckhart Tolle beautifully said this about the moment: “The strange and beautiful thing about Now is that it never leaves you and it doesn’t change, the field of Now. Because the essence of Now is the unconditioned consciousness, the field in which all phenomena happen.” I find this to be a great relief and an immeasurable joy. All I will EVER have to deal with is Now.

Dare we trust ourselves to take these apparent risks and allow a deeper reality to have sway over the direction of our life in the moment? What does it mean behaviorally, and what would it look like? What about our plans, hopes, dreams for the non-existent future, or our worries and fears over what we did or what was done to us yesterday? Can we actually let go of all this and simply live our greatest excitement Now? Arise each morning and make intentional decisions. Listen to your inner guidance for direction.

The key question is are we human doings or human beings? Most of us are doers who rely upon our conditioned mind to chart the course. A mind conditioned by the influences surrounding us. Then there’s our concern over what other people think. Do you dare to be who you are, to risk it all for a dream? These are choices we are confronted with every moment. How will you feel if you break free of your mind’s prison and live without its limitations? Imagine how your life could change.