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I sit listening for inspiration. I feel like a Catholic who has not gone to confession. Forgive me, it’s been three weeks since my last post.

The struggle to find the moment goes on. Sometimes I win, sometimes I forget, or get lost in some identification, you know, the usual stuff, money, relationship…etc. When I come up for air, what remains important is my anchor point in the Now. Remembering that breaks identification’s grip, at least momentarily.

I’m always searching for new tools, new techniques or methods to help me refocus my attention Here/Now. It all seems so simple, yet often difficult. My mind keeps trying to regain the throne, to push Consciousness out of the way and make some worry or fear more important. I must be constantly vigilant, ever watchful for ego’s intrusion. Remember, ego is who we ‘think’ we are, the accumulation of our mind’s programing in conjunction with the memory of our history, the story of our name.

Who would we BE without the story, the past/future drama? The question itself freeze-frames the mind. Is it possible to have an existence without an ego, a story? Take that away and what remains? Try it. Just imagine having no story. What is left? Awareness in this moment. Sitting at my computer listening for words to type, for thought to take direction. You, sitting at your computer reading these words. Listening to stillness, to the hiss of awareness ringing in my ears, watching words develop on the blank screen of my mind, allowing my ‘doing’ to be directed by inner guidance connected to through inner listening. All we ever have to ‘do’ is listen and allow the action to arise from that inner stillness.

Try it. I dare you. Let go of the mind’s agenda by watching it so intensely it goes silent. Listen and ask: what is my next step? What do I need to do or know Now? Be patient. This part of us operates on its time, not ours. Listen, trust, and have faith that what comes will be in the direction of your highest good. Then have the courage to take action without the intrusion of the questioning mind, without ‘knowing’ what will happen or where something is taking you. This is truly Living Now.