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Here’s a question for you. If you take a thousand carat diamond, place it in a room, and cover it with two tons of horse manure, is the diamond still there? The obvious answer is yes, but It is no longer visible.

After his awakening, Eckhart Tolle was approached by people saying they wanted what he had. His sense of inner stillness and peace was visible, palpable. His reply was you already have it, you just don’t know it. The diamond is still in the room, forgotten. Consciousness, Awareness, or Presence is the diamond, but it is buried in thought. Tolle states over ninety percent of human thought is useless, unnecessary and damaging, making the horse manure metaphor apt.

The good news is it’s already there, we don’t have to seek it. The diamond is within, no matter the exterior, the ego. Divinity is within each person, no matter the surface appearance. We don’t have to identify with or even attempt to remove what is not the diamond, we simply have to develop and maintain awareness of it.

If every person refused to react to appearance and paid attention to the diamond, we would have a different world. We would interact with each other from a different place.

If we look for the good in each other, we find it. I certainly find this to be true as a therapist. Depressed suicidal people are focusing on the negative, be it their own history of misdeeds, their victim reality, or their fears of the future. Reminding them of what they feel gratitude for evokes positive feelings, shifting their attention, changing their reality.

Presence is the key. Here/Now focus lifts the burden of past/future regret and fear, producing balance and harmony.

Focus on the diamond in yourself and everyone around you!