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I have blogged often on the idea that we humans frequently are only partially here/now. When asked what percentage of our attention is focused into the moment, the brain will reply with a number significantly less than one hundred. Our consciousness is hence fragmented. Psychologically/spiritually we are a multiplicity, many I’s, each taking center stage briefly to soon be usurped by a competing thought. Our inner world is a competitive jungle, each group of thoughts battling to win dominance.

Sound familiar? In my perception this sounds like the corporate world, or politics, or the drama between nation states. Quite clearly, our outer world is a direct mirror of our collective inner world. If this is more than coincidental then we cannot possibly have world peace until we collectively have inner peace. All the new physics theories, Quantum Physics, Complexity Theory, String Theory, and of course the proponents of The Law of Attraction, agree we are creating our world through our thought patterns.

Bringing unification, peace and harmony to our inner world begins with the establishment of an inner Witness. This requires separating our Consciousness from our thinking process through constant vigilance, watching your thought process as a scientist would watch an experiment in a petri dish, taking notes, recording interactions, discovering your idiosyncratic intricacies, observing underlying beliefs, seeing first hand how you create your world, discovering the automatic programming that compels you to do the same thing time and again, expecting a different result.

Inner Observing reveals habitual thought patterns. Witnessing them without judgment eventually builds an inner strength that manifests as making conscious decisions, breaking the old patterns, opening the door to genuine change, transformation. The more diligently you watch, the more likely you are to have a greater degree of attention focused here/now. The more intensely you observe, the more still your inner world becomes. Competition disappears and is replaced by compassion, cooperation and creativity. Life becomes an adventure into the unknown and less of a repetition of obsolete thought patterns and beliefs.

Begin watching, listening, seeing, and you open a portal to greater possibilities. Eckhart Tolle claims the Now is a portal to a different reality. Find out for yourself what that means!!