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Psychology tells us the body physically reacts to thought, creating emotion. Every thought produces a feeling. Complaints are thoughts and hence they stimulate emotions. Now can you imagine the nature of the feelings they produce? Try it out. Whine to yourself about some situation in your life. How does it feel? Do you feel better once you’ve complained, or worse? Maybe you’ve blown off a little steam, but the thought pattern continues to do its work of stirring up resistance.

In the realm of Presence Practice, complaining is rejection of some aspect of what is. It wishes some situation or event were different than it is. It may even declare that Presence is impossible under the conditions it complains about. I am frequently asked: “What if the moment sucks?!!”

Presence is not something we practice to make things different or better. The benefit of Presence Practice is that it sets us free from life’s roller coaster of drama and resistance. Surrendering (completely accepting without reservation) to the facts and circumstances we find ourselves facing in-the-moment is essential to effectively dealing with the challenges of the Now. Presence doesn’t make bad good, it moves our Consciousness out of the pain we self-induce through resistance to What Is.

You may want to say you’ll only show up in the Now when you like it, that you’re going to save your Presence for the good stuff, but how will you know when the good stuff shows up if you’re not there, and who defines what’s good anyway? Your ego? Maybe what looks not so good is actually the miracle you sought. You’ll never know unless you embrace everything Now has to offer.

How can we be Here/Now if we don’t like what we find Here/Now? We can’t!! When we realize deeply the obvious FACT that Now is it, it is all we have, our values will adjust to embrace the beauty and simplicity of Presence. Imagine if all humanity were to make that simple shift in awareness. How would our world evolve?