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Each day is an opportunity to create Being, to struggle with the ever turning , stimulus responding mind and continue to remember what is important.

What do you make important? Is it money, work, family, possessions, what people think of you? There are so many traps, pot holes in the road of life, each one’s a world, a universe, a draw on our attention. How we focus attention is the key factor. Are you easily distracted, easily persuaded, easily sold? Do you listen to the voices of warning within, and can you do that without becoming cynical?

What do we make an identity from? I wrote last week on an exercise of asking “Who Am I?” Each day our mind answers the question with an illusion. Do we really want to know, or are we satisfied with the surface answer? Are you willing to live the question, to ask it each day and not receive some concrete answer. When I wrote the blog I was practicing the question, watching my mind answer for me. Eventually it ran out of words and the answer became a wordless state of awareness so intense it was hardly bearable. Are we able to live the answer?

What will happen if I just allow life to flow, to focus on my goals energetically and do what I Am inspired to do in-the-moment. Yes, I have intentions, goals, ambitions even. The question is, are they me, do they comprise my identity, or do I even have an identity? Will any of this be important once I have completed my journey through life? Important to the Consciousness I AM? Or is it enough to simply strive with all I have to focus and be an instrument for a larger reality?

I AM full of questions today. Answers, not so much. Maybe the questions are more important. Reaching out, up, listening… I sat in art class today and worked on a tiny flower for two hours. Was that important? It was while I was doing it. My greatest teacher, George Gurdjieff, said: “Experience is The Work, all else is duck shit preparation.” Words, ideas, theories, systems of thought are useless unless applied, put to use, turned into experience.

Can you live your questions? Not my questions, yours. Do you examine your questions, or are you lost in “doing” your life? Put some energy into your deepest questions. If you are reading this, you must be a person who questions. It is the questions that are important, not the answers. Seek out your questions, live them, refine them, go deep into them!