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Being must precede doing, otherwise doing is dictated by mind programming and is automatic, mechanical. How can we become when we are not Being? Presence is the art of Being, in connection with all that is, the one energy force in the universe. This is not a myth, but a fact. If it is not a fact for you, then you are not Being. To make it a fact, you must strive To Be with all the concentration you can muster. You must work at it constantly, then your doing will emerge naturally, spontaneously, without premeditation.

I wrote a blog a week ago from this modality called Who Am I? It was powerful and intense. I sat in Being, listened and let the writing do itself. I am not special in this, we all have this capacity. Imagine a world in which people all listened, allowing their doing to rise out of their Consciousness in the moment. Imagine everyone on the planet connected, listening and doing.

We each came here to do something, but we cannot find that something until we become still inside. This is not magical, it is the deepest truth we can know on this level.

I wrote a few days ago that nothing is what is seems. Physics tells us that matter is mostly empty space. We’ve come to accept this and have experimental evidence of its truth. We’ve also heard from a number of sources that we are extensions of non-physical energy, that there is more to life than the obvious, a deeper reality.

There is meaning to life, meaning and purpose we can’t comprehend with the mind. It is only when we learn the skills and practices that bring us into a state of no-thought, beyond mind, that we will be able to apprehend this reality. When we leave behind fear and desire, properties promoted by thinking, when we truly realize how useless and dangerous idle thought truly is, only then will we find peace, harmony and love. Only then will our unique individual purpose, why we’re here, reveal itself to us.

Engage in the struggle, the struggle To Be. Know with the fullness of your Being that Now is all there is. Now is a portal to an indescribable infinite realm. We have the key, dare we unlock the door!