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In a state of pure Presence our inner world is still, free from thought and our emotions are pure positive energy. Consider this an approachable ideal, a goal one strives to attain, knowing there is always another level to work toward. After all, Consciousness is infinite.

Psychologically it is understood that emotions are the body’s automatic response to thought. This is verifiable. Mentally replay a painful event in your mind and notice how it affects you at the feeling level. However, emotions serve another, deeper, purpose, they are a barometer for how in or out of alignment we are with our deeper, more Spiritual, intentions. The more negative a feeling is, the greater the misalignment.

Use this idea for your work on inner self-observation. When we activate The Witness, that within us that observes our inner world, we are more able to objectively monitor our emotional states without becoming them. If you are experiencing negative feelings, just watch, and know that your thought patterns are out of alignment with your deeper intentions. Watching in this way withdraws energy from both the feelings and the thought patterns producing those feelings, allowing you to begin to shift your thought process and your attention toward a different, more focused, perception of reality.

Remember, at the end of the day, at the end of life, the only thing that matters is how you have met the challenges, how you have played the cards you were dealt.