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There are various ways to “think about” thinking, various levels of thought. If you’ve read much of my writing here, you may have gotten the impression I AM against thought, or consider it to be dangerous and damaging. This is true of surface thought, the uncontrolled meanderings of the mind that cause us to spend so much time in yesterday and tomorrow, that replay old painful dramas and mistakes, that judge self and others and constantly, compulsively label every stimulus.

I say thought is dangerous because it has enormous power. To begin with it directly influences your biology. Thought produces physiological change. Think a fear thought and notice your adrenaline level rise and your respiration accelerate. Resist some event and feel the anger surge through your body. Definitely dangerous!

You may have also noticed I consider the mind to be the most potent tool in the Universe. It creates reality, has found cures for diseases and taken us into outer space. Creativity, advances in scientific knowledge, discovering the world is round, not flat, uncovering the mysteries of cellular life and galaxies, these are the products of a different caliber of thinking, thinking that arises from the depths of our Being.

Now, you may say: “Well! Some people are smarter than others. Not everybody can be Einstein!” I propose there is more to it. The people who are responsible for the advances we make are not necessarily smarter as they are more connected, connected to a deeper level of thought available to anyone who seeks it. We each have an Einstein within. He is accessible to all who seek him. But there is a payment.

The payment is giving up our addiction to surface thinking, letting go of our identity with diffused, undirected thought. I can not say it clearly or often enough, as much as we want to believe the talker in our head is us, ITS NOT!! You can prove that to yourself by engaging in a concentration exercise that turns off the noise in our head. Someone once told me they would disappear if they stopped thinking. How disappointing it was to discover he was more intensely HERE when he was facilitated into a state of No Thought. He did not disappear.

The deeper levels of thought are distinctive. You will know it when you get there. Try this one. Intensely watch your mind. Turn your attention inward, watching or listening with all your concentration. What happens? If you have serious intent and the ability to concentrate, there will be a deepening of Inner Stillness, accompanied frequently by a ringing in the ears. Notice how intense you become, almost to the point of un-bearability. Try it and let me know your experience.