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Keeping the mind present-moment-focused is an ongoing challenge. Our mind continually wants to distract us with its concerns, which frequently are as simple as performing mundane tasks, tasks we may wish to postpone, or not bother with now. Say there’s a pile of old mail on your kitchen table. Each time you pass it, the sight of it evokes thoughts: “I’ve got to get to that, but not now. ” Or there are dirty dishes to be cleaned and put away, but you feel lazy and push it off.

Each time you pass the task and it remains undone, thought is stimulated and stored, chipping away at your attention. Imagine having a cluttered house where every where you look, all you see are uncompleted tasks. They become cobwebs in your mind, draining away your precious attention, robbing you of clarity of intention, stimulating unpleasant emotions, not to mention that the pile of mail may have something important in it you are missing.

If you have a lot of this, the thought of taking action to resolve it may be overwhelming, stimulating darker emotions. Here we begin to see how small matters become large, making it clear that if you see something that needs doing, do it. Pick up the trash in your path, put things away after using them. Complete everything you do, don’t put it off. Presence is about confronting the contents of the moment and taking action. See it. Do it! NOW!