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We live in an era where Truth is emerging, personal and global. Old structures are collapsing, creating chaos and confusion among those who cling to them. New values are emerging. Key among them is Presence.

When you find yourself in crisis the practice of Presence becomes even more essential. The mind, when confronted with crisis, scatters itself to the wind. “What did I do wrong? Nothing will ever work again! I failed. There’s nothing there for me. What do I do?” Notice all the I statements and questions. It falls into and acts from fear, producing that which is feared.

Crisis creates a void. What has gone before no longer works. The opportunity here is to find what is real in ourselves, to give up filling that void with the structures of Illusion and connect to the substance of Truth within.

All teachers of Consciousness have taught that what we seek is already in place. It already exists within us. We simply have to uncover it through a process of elimination. Examine what you “think” is you. Perhaps it is your thoughts, or the feelings those thoughts produce. Or maybe it is your means of livelihood, or your relationships, or what you possess. As you examine where you place your sense of identity, ask your Self, is this who I AM? Make this your daily practice.

Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now, experienced a sudden awakening while obsessing over how he could not live with himself anymore. He realized there were two of him, I and himself. One of them had to be false. This realization was so powerful it permanently changed him. This is the task of anyone who wants to be REAL, to see deeply what is not real within oneSelf. Only then can the real Being emerge.

Make this an ongoing self-examination practice. Keep asking: “Who Am I?” as an unanswerable question. Seek not answers but rather revelations of who you are not. Stop listening to the noise of thought and begin listening to the Stillness between thoughts. What is REAL is a mystery the mind can never solve. Just live the question!