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Eckhart Tolle asked this question in his weekly reminder. He makes a distinction between the contents of Now and the state of Now. He says: “The Now is deeper, the Now is who you are as the space of conscious Presence that makes it all possible, that makes the whole world possible.” This is the deepest philosophical question you can ask: What is Is?

The mind identifies with the contents. It attaches it’s sense of identify to the past/future dream we call Life which begins with our name. We are so accustomed to being identified that we feel strange/altered/wierd when a state of non-identification occasionally occurs.

We truly are the Awareness behind the Thinker, not the thoughts we think. Our Consciousness creates the context, the space, for life to unfold. It is the screen upon which the movie we call our story is projected. We are the screen, NOT the story. We are (I AM) the Stillness between sounds, the space within which objects exist, not the sounds and objects. Thus when we shift our attention away from thoughts, sounds and objects, and focus on Stillness and Space, we experientially connect to the “other side”, the non-physical aspect of our Being.

Do that Now!! I am typing. There is space between my eyes and the computer screen. I can become aware of that space, changing my relationship to the computer. Do this where ever you are right Now. Become aware of the space around you. Open your peripheral vision to do this. It can take your breath away. It is so exhilarating to be free from mind, even for a moment. Imagine living continuously in this exhilaration!

Perform exercises like this as much as possible. Listen for Stillness, maintain spatial awareness, walk with conscious intention, breathe with awareness, be aware of what you say, say what you mean, mean what you say. Say YES to it all!!

James Westly, MC, LPC
Presence Inc.

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