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Making the present moment the focal point of life is the key to actualizing our fullest potential. Focus on Now removes anxiety and expectation, we are no longer waiting for some special condition to begin living.

Acceptance of the circumstances of the moment is critical. Many forms of misery arise from rejection or denial of some aspect of the Now. Consciousness flees to it’s old past/future habit of coping, diminishing our effectiveness.

Change and challenge arise constantly. The way we ‘expected’ our day to go frequently must give way to the entry of some new element that disrupts our plans. The mind may resist this disruption with irritation, anger, or frustration, bringing suffering to ourselves and those around us.

Acceptance brings inner peace and with it, the possibility of enjoyment and enthusiasm. With that peace, wisdom and intelligence return, and we meet the moment’s challenge with brilliance and ease.
James Westly, MC, LPC