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A powerful Presence Practice is cultivating the art of Inner Listening. With focus of attention into the Moment and the Observation of mental functioning comes the creation of an Inner Stillness which opens awareness to a deeper level of Mind. Some call this intuition, or gut instinct. Most have had some experience of this and know it to have great power. This is verified when we regretfully fail to listen.

The thinking mind doesn’t trust this process due to its non-linear, non-logical nature. Sometimes its significance is ignored due to mental noise, the thinking mind’s constant talk. Business research shows that 80% of major decisions made in Fortune 500 companies at the CEO level are made this way. Einstein, when asked how he ‘figured out’ the Theory of Relativity, replied he didn’t figure it out, it came to him. He was listening.

Inner listening is a learnable skill. Each has the ability to connect to their inner Einstein, but need to learn to trust in their ability to make that connection. Begin by being willing to trust first thoughts. As you breath into the Moment and Inner Stillness arises, listen intently.

How it appears is different for each person. It could be a word, a picture, a feeling or something else. Whatever it is, resist the thinking mind’s critical tendency. Avoid analysis and act on it.

It’s possible to conduct entire conversations this way, by just allowing the direct expression of the thought without rehearsal or over thinking. It may appear one word at a time, leaving you surprised with where it takes you. Doing this makes work more productive. You become capable of accomplishing more in less time and a greater intelligence arises in the process. You access your hidden potential.

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James Westly, MC, LPC