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Life is a process of constant choosing, the myriad decisions we each make moment that form the weave, the fabric, of our lives. The question is, do we choose with awareness or automatically? Are we unified in our selection process or fragmented? Do we choose the highest vibrational alternative or something else? Which part of our Being is calling the shots?

Many, if not most of us, perhaps even all of us, have occasion to journey into darkness, to leave behind the Light. It may appear to have been poor choices. It may also be considered to be a necessary, even a fated part of our life’s journey. If we survive, if we’re not destroyed by the experience, we begin to see the necessity of constant vigilance.

To live a life of Presence calls for us to work to be aware of the consequences of every little decision. We walk down this road one step at a time. Almost everything happens as a consequence of hundreds of small decisions. To stay in the Light requires an examination of every choice and awareness of where it leads. If you are trying to walk a line and decide one day to deviate one inch from that line, you will eventually find yourself miles away from your original intentions.

Every small decision we make leads somewhere. Ask yourself is this choice contributing to my highest and best? Does this action feed my Soul? Does this take me more or less into the Moment?

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James Westly MC, LPC