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Each day, actually, each moment, presents a fresh challenge. We awaken from slumber with our thoughts, residue of our dreams, perhaps. Events unfold. Small matters, each producing thoughts, which produce feelings, which generate behaviors. When its positive, we like it. When its not, we don’t.

This is where resistance arises. Perhaps things are going well, then an old thought pops in from our shadow side, reminding us of some painful incident in the past, or some unhappy belief/judgement about the nature and quality of our life path, turning our focus of attention toward some disappointment or perceived shortcoming. Now the ‘happy’ mood is replaced with an angry or depressed feeling.

If we’re watching, being the Witness to our cognitive process, we have the choice of not identifying with the thought. We remember we are Consciousness in a body. More often, though, our mind makes an unconscious decision to make the thought a reality, to find its identity there, then thought becomes feeling and feeling generates action (behavior). It is the proverbial snowball that starts rolling down the hill pea sized rapidly becoming a massive juggernaut of destruction, wiping out every thing and everybody in its path.

What is our response? We resist. In our resistance we deny or reject what is happening, wanting the moment to be different. Presence disappears, to be replaced by some form of negativity, like anger, or depression. We lose sight of this most precious quality of Being, and become lost in the details, forgetting our Self. Is this what we truly want?

Life constantly offers up the unexpected. Hardly anything goes according to how the mind thinks it ‘should’. Resistance does not change this situation. In fact, it often makes it worse. All we can ‘do’ is BE! Nothing can be undone. There’s no action that can be taken. The solution lies in acceptance, total Surrender to What Is.

Practicing the art of Surrender is essential to the acquisition and maintenance of Presence. There’s hardly a moment goes by that does not contain something the mind resists, hence petty irritations in relationships. We must be constantly in a state of Surrender. It is only in this state of non-attachment that Presence can exist. Remember what is important, what abides!