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When you begin working to bring Presence into your life you immediately discover the obstacle of your mind. In this culture we place our ultimate identity in our mental process, the continuously talking voice in our head we call thinking. We believe this voice to be who we are, when it actually is our ego. Presence comes when we develop the ability to still this incessant chatter.

Psychology tells us that 99% of what we call thought is useless, repetitive and dangerous. The body emotionally reacts to every thought we think, creating worry, fear, doubt, judgement, anger, rage, depression, anxiety, criticism, stress, miscommunication and more. Learning to focus all our attention into the Present Moment is the key to freedom from these debilitating feelings.

The mind is a powerful, useful tool when used intentionally by Consciousness. Through Presence Practices we can begin connecting to this power. Accessing the power of the mind requires releasing our identity with thought and establishing an inner discipline of Observation, mind watching. For thousands of years we have allowed the mind to be in charge of our Consciousness, our true identity. If we are, as individuals and as a species, to move to the next stage of our personal and collective evolution, we must reverse this relationship.

Begin studying your mind like a scientist. Notice how thought distracts you from your participation in the singular reality of Now. The mind flees the Now to the past or the future, and over concerns about self and others. Watch for this constantly. Study your personal version of this process. As you become aware of how your mind operates and become familiar with its favorite topics of distraction, it will begin to have less and less hold on your Consciousness. The more intensely you Observe, the quieter the mind becomes. You will begin to have greater and greater valuation for your participation in the Present Moment and will free yourself from harmful negative emotions.