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When you observe your thought patterns do you notice how often your mind is worried about how you appear to others? Do you need someone to tell you you’re OK? Do you need external validation for your decisions? Have there been instances in your life where you failed to follow your inner guidance because of someone’s opinion? Do you need the approval of family and friends to proceed? What was the outcome of this failure? Where did it take you? How did you feel?

In a state of Presence we clearly know what to do. In a state of Presence we have connection to our Essential Self. In a state of Presence we’re one with Spirit. Next steps are obvious and effortless. The energy of Awareness carries you along, smoothing the way miraculously, taking you to places unthought of by the limited two-dimensional mind. Life gets better, more interesting and fulfilling.

So what payment do we need to make for this to happen? Remember, Presence is a natural state already existing within us. We don’t need to acquire anything to have it. We just need to realize it, be aware of its existence. If we give up the need for external validation and go within we will live life miraculously. This means that Life will unfold in ways unexpected by and incomprehensible to the mind, yours or others.

It also means that those around you may not be on the same page. If you’ve read my first post to this blog, you know I spent some time living in a retreat. Do you think my family and friends supported this decision? Do I regret this choice? Absolutely not! It was the most valuable experience of my life. Even after 25 years it is a resource that continues to serve me. If I had consulted and listened to the “rational” minds in my life, it never would have happened.

Presence is Being true to Self above all others.