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Ever have this experience? You wake up one morning feeling well, then, as you prepare for the day, a thought enters about something that occurred deep in the past, a trial, a tragedy, an unfortunate choice. Or maybe it’s a fearful vision of what’s to come. Instead of letting the thought pass by, your mind grabs hold of it and thinks more, associative, thoughts, taking you deeper into the feelings generated by the original thought pattern. Remember, the body’s reaction to thought is emotion.

What happens to the positive feelings that started the day? They’re consumed with negativity. These emotions are then likely to pollute your interactions with those around you, evoking their version of pain and upset. There’s a sense of descending momentum that gathers speed and intensity, feeding upon itself. The mind’s associative process connects to other, similar, negative thoughts, making things worse, literally destroying the day.

This scenario illustrates the need we all have of monitoring our thoughts and not identifying with or forming an identity from them. Be the Witness, appoint an Observer, a part of your Consciousness that is ever vigilant, constantly watching and evaluating your thought process. Socrates said: “The unobserved life is not worth living.” Now we can see why he said this.

The Observer is one who sits on the bank of the constantly flowing river of thought, watching the flow. It is non-judgmental, and is charged with selecting which thoughts are useful for growth and evolution. Discarding all others as useless and destructive. It dis-identifies with mental process and protects your Consciousness from the damage and destruction of negativity. Intensive mind watching actually has the capacity to diminish or completely silence thought. Your focused attention is much more powerful than your mind. So watch carefully, your life depends upon it.