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If you become an astute Observer of your mind, you can’t help discover it’s tendency to attach identity to just about anything. We identify with possessions, careers, relationships, life events (both negative and positive), past mistakes (learning events), what other people say about us, the list is endless. These identities form the mind structure we call ego, the mind’s concept of self. Who we ‘think’ we are.

Here’s an exercise. Complete this sentence as many times as you can: I am _________. I am a male; I am a therapist; I am a customer; I am a homeowner; …etc. This list is the contents of your ego, your mind’s concept of self. Notice how everything on this list is transitory, falls into the category of “this too shall pass.” When we identify thought as Self we lose conscious awareness of our true Self, the awareness behind The Thinker.

Most Spiritual practices are intended to create a space of Inner Stillness. Eckhart Tolle, author of  The Power of Now, acknowledges this as essential. From this place of No Thought arises an expanded awareness, pure Consciousness. This pure Consciousness is your true identity. It is beyond space and time, and is thus immortal.

The more we directly experience this pure Consciousness, the more it becomes a dominant factor in our daily life. Then decisions are made from an intuitive, connected space instead of the fear driven mind. The mind then becomes a servant to this Consciousness.

Ultimately, when we occupy this space more consistently, we discover there is no self. There is only the One pure Consciousness manifesting through a specific physical body. This is why the Buddhists say: “No self, NO PROBLEM.”