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Ever have a problem you’re trying to “figure out”? You think about it and think about it. You run it front to back, back to front, from the middle out both ends, and obsess about it 24/7 until you become exhausted. Thinking is a physical activity that uses energy. You get up in the morning and worry and think for a couple hours then feel the need for a nap. You fall asleep and wake up with an answer. Ever have that experience?

Did you really use your mind to “figure out” the problem? NO! It came to you when you stopped thinking and took a nap. The mind is computer. It is incapable of producing an original thought. Einstein, when asked how he “figured out” the Theory of Relativity quickly replied he didn’t “figure it out”, it came to him. What was he doing? He was LISTENING!

We each have a connection to a larger reality, whatever you want to name it, and there are many names. To activate that connection we need to listen for our inner guidance, also known as intuition, or gut instinct. The Higher Powers of the Universe speak directly to us, but are we listening? Everyone I ask acknowledges having had intuitive experiences. They also acknowledge the painful consequences of not listening, the regret, the lessons learned that could have been avoided had they listened to and followed their inner guidance. They also acknowledge how their mind discounted that guidance, demanding reasons and logic to justify their natural inner knowing.

How different would the world be if we all learned to LISTEN.