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Most people’s lives most of the time are composed of mundane moments where we’re engaged in routine activities. We eat, sleep, prepare food, clean up, drive places, our lives are taken up with mundane habits and patterns. If we have the intention to manifest Presence, and at the deepest level we all do, even if we’re unaware of that intention, then we must find the sacred in our ordinary moments. Every routine activity can be turned into a sacred act through the concentrated focus of attention. Brush your teeth with awareness, wash our hands with focus, prepare your food with reverence for the life it maintains, live each moment as if it were your last on Earth. Some day it will be.

There are ancient traditions that made ritual out of every human activity. Tom Cruise’s movie, The Last Samari, though not a film I recommend due to its violence, depicts a Samari village where such rituals were practiced. Dressing was ritualized, serving tea, even the simple act of opening a door was a conscious practice.

If we are to practice Presence, it has to take place in the ordinary moments of our lives. We cannot save it for something special. Actually, if you examine specialness you will find it is a quality of Presence. What makes anything a special event is simply that. You were there for it. It is really the only difference between a significant moment and a non-significant moment.

Make your entire life a ritual to Presence!