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What is it that makes Here/Now Presence so difficult to acquire? It seems so simple. Just BE where you are. Yet how often do we find ourselves vacant eyed, staring into space while our mind takes us on an often terrifying trip into our past disasters (learning events) or our fears over what’s to come. Our current economic, political, military and humanitarian crises make it worse, and our fear based media fans the flames.

The mind is a powerful tool, yet no one has said to us what they say about power tools: “Be careful, watch what you’re doing, you might hurt yourself.” Yet, how often do we do serious damage to our inner world with its outer world behavioral consequences through thinking. We are not aware how powerful thought is. Every thought we think has a physical impact on the body. We call that impact emotion. Think a fear thought and your body reacts with elevated adrenaline and blood pressure levels, muscle tension increases, the heart races, all due to a thought. Understanding this process adds motivation to discipline our thought process and makes us realize just how dangerous thinking can be.

Mind watching is the solvent. Socrates said: “The unobserved life is not worth living”. He is referring to the need to be an inner Witness to our thought process and give up the belief that our thoughts are us. The voice in our head that talks is not us, it is the voice of our mind. If you watch your mind intensely, thought subsides, creating what Eckhart Tolle calls Inner Stillness. Attaining and operating from this state of Awareness is the goal of all true Spiritual work.